We build the green energy companies of tomorrow. We love teams who develop projects that generate, store and decarbonize. Together we help clients return to net-zero.


To increase the amount of available green gigawatts we must develop substantially more solar, wind and battery assets.


Developing energy storage projects and products because energy consumption patterns don't always align with nature.


Distributing energy right to the places where it is needed the most, with a strong focus on EV-charging for public and private installations, energy efficiency and self-consumption models.


Optimizing performance, revenue streams and overall value through technological innovation and smart energy trading.

We’re building an energy transition invest & build platform. Meet the fellow optimists we've invested in and work with.

Ekhi is a 100% decentralized, digital, and renewable platform, focused on self-consumption, large-scale, and distributed energy. We accompany our users in their electrification process and drive their energy strategy.
SemperPower develops batteries that store sustainable energy when there's a surplus, and distributes it when the market is in need of it.
1.2 GW photovoltaic and green hydrogen project in Spain.
Lion Storage
Lion Storage is a Dutch developer of utility scale battery storage systems empowering the energy transition.
Return Carbon
Return Carbon reverses climate change by reducing and avoiding millions of tons of CO2, repurposing carbon into sustainable use & storage.
CargaTuCoche smoothens the EV charging process. Its mission is to achieve electric and sustainable mobility for all.
Vandebron - Divested
Vandebron allows consumers to chose their own producer of sustainable wind, bio or solar energy, positioning itself as a true market challenger.
Sunrock - Divested
Sunrock is the largest developer of solar parks on Dutch rooftops. With their firm belief in the power of green energy, they are true accelerators in sustainability.
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