We are a club of optimists building an energy transition invest & build platform.

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To return the planet to its original state the entire world needs to change the way it does business. We firmly believe mission-driven entrepreneurs will push the breakthrough shifts we need to move towards a net-zero economy. Return invests in those teams and joins them shoulder to shoulder to help grow their ideas faster, smarter and more efficiently.

Our Companies

Return is an energy transition invest & build platform.

Meet the fellow optimists we've invested in and work with.
Our Drive

“After building a leading solar development company we decided to become the ultimate hands-on strategic investor by sharing our knowledge and resources to help fellow entrepreneurs grow faster.”

Explore our team of specialists in the green energy transition.
What We Do

Building the next energy transition platform.

We believe every team should focus on what they do best. At Return we support them with entrepreneurial spirit and seasoned experience. We help build and we stimulate synergies between our partners. Together we form a next generation platform that creates and builds renewable energy projects and help decarbonize clients.
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